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What Type of Probiotic is Best?

Probiotics are good bacteria found in your body. They’re also added to foods, drinks, and dietary supplements found at supermarket and pharmacy shelves. Among its numerous health benefits, research shows that these beneficial microbes can:

  • Support a healthy bowel and immune system
  • Help maintain a healthy weight
  • Prevent diarrhea and constipation
  • Improve bloating and other GI discomforts
  • Manage various skin condition
  • Treat and prevent allergies
  • Reduce the severity of viral infections such as cold


You can think of probiotics as your little helpers that help restore order to your gut ecosystem and aid in the maintenance of harmony. To do this, you will need to outnumber the undesirable ones like the unwelcome bacteria, parasites, and yeast.


These good bacteria compete with the unfriendly bacteria for sites for bacterial binding for you to become even more protected from the unwelcome harmful bacteria. To replenish your gut with probiotics and reap all the benefits, you need the right foods that help add and promote the growth of friendly bacteria.


Are some strains better than others?


Most probiotic products contain mixtures of multiple strains from the same or different species. Some may even contain prebiotics which serves as foods for probiotics. It is important to take note that each strain works differently from one another, even if they belong to the same species. Each one is unique and will benefit different areas of the body differently. Some strains help support digestion and the immune system while others have beneficial effects on the gut and overall health.




Which probiotic is best for you?        


It would be great if we had an easy answer to this question, but your unique digestive health conditions will determine which probiotic product is best for you. You see, there are hundreds of probiotic strains. Each of these strains performs a different function in the body, so you may feel completely overwhelmed, wondering how you will comprehend all the different strains. As you have already known, probiotics are classified by genus, species, and strain. Bifidobacterium and Lactobacillus are two of the most commonly popular genera that offer health benefits. Most probiotic products will contain strains from these two genera. Taking probiotics can help ease health conditions affecting your body, but choosing the right genus, species and strain are very crucial.


The probiotic supplement market includes products for weight loss, mental health, digestive health, and overall gut health. Depending on the product brand, they may contain only one strain and others may contain multiple strains. It’s best to look for supplements that contain multiple strains to address your diverse gut. Go for a dairy-free product with at least 15 billion CFUs each of Bifidobacterium and Lactobacillus genera.


The usual probiotic dosage ranges from 5 to 10 billion CFUs, but it’s best if you can find higher than 10 billion colony-forming units. For overall gut health, start with 30 to 50 billion CFUs, but start low and after that gradually increase your dose.

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