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The Benefits of Taking Probiotics Every Day

Gut health may not sound as exciting as other health topics, but giving it a priority is crucial for mental and physical health. One way to help keep your gut healthy is to take probiotics. But the questions are:

  • Should you take them daily or only when needed?
  • What are the benefits you can get from taking probiotics daily?


Should you take them daily or only when needed?


The answer is YES. Health experts usually recommend taking them daily. What you need to keep in mind that like all other supplements, probiotics are natural supplements and NOT a medicine. So, it’s best to say that they are safe for use every day. However, probiotics should be used as a part of a health regime rather than a quick fix to your conditions.


The reason behind all these- has something to do with your ever-changing microbiome because of your unhealthy lifestyle. You see, poor diet, smoking, drinking of alcoholic beverages, exposure to toxins, and antibiotic therapy can negatively affect the probiotic colonies in your gut.


Other factors that affect the intestinal flora include stress, over-consumption of sugar, medications, and the use of contraceptive pills. The only way to revert the effect is to replenish your gut with probiotics. You get easily get them by eating fermented foods, or you can also take probiotic supplements daily. It’s also important to eat a diverse diet rich in fiber as they serve as foods for the probiotics in your gut. As long as you supply your microbiome with healthy nutrients every day, missing a few days of probiotics won’t be a big problem.


What are the benefits you can get from taking probiotics daily?


  1. Supports nutrient absorption

Despite how many nutritious foods you eat, your body can’t benefit from them unless your gut is full of friendly bacteria. These bacteria help break down the foods you eat that get absorbed into your bloodstream. However, this process is disrupted when there is dysbiosis, making it impossible for your body to absorb the needed nutrients.

  1. Encourage a balanced microbiome

Probiotic supplements are a way to add beneficial bacteria to your gut. Probiotics, as you already know, have many functions. One of which is to maintain the natural balance of bacteria. Replenishing the lost bacteria with probiotics helps maintain a healthy balance of bacteria in the gut.

  1. Supports healthy weight management

Gut bacteria can affect your weight in several ways.

  • Your microbiome affects how your body absorbs nutrients from food.
  • It affects how dietary fats are stored in the body.
  • It affects the production of hunger hormones.
  • It reduces the blood sugar balance.
  • It supports proper metabolism.
  • It decreases the inflammatory marker that causes weight gain.
  1. Keeps your immune function in check

70% of your immune system is actually in the gut. Here, a lot of interaction is happening between your immune system and the bacteria. Your immune system depends largely on the existence of beneficial bacteria in the gut as they regulate the immune response against harmful bacteria.

  1. Reduces stress and fatigue

A balanced gut can boost your energy. Stressed and fatigue are signs of poor digestion, which result from an unhealthy gut. Keeping a balanced microbiome helps boost your energy and reduce signs of poor digestion such as stress and fatigue.

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