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Probiotics: The Body Cleaner

Probiotics are your body’s cleaner. What’s shocking is that probiotics have been around for such a long time! It’s just that it took some time for science to find out about them.


Probiotics means for life. Now, it makes sense just how essential these bacteria are.  They can help you better digest certain micronutrients like fiber, as well as remove organisms that harm the microbiome. They enhance the digestion of vitamins and help maintain the balance of intestinal flora in the gut. One of the most interesting aspects of probiotics for many people are the detoxifying effect they can have.



Probiotics improve daily body cleansing


Your gut flora is one of the largest detoxification components in your body and it’s something that you can restore more often. Your gut flora serves as a satellite to the main eliminating organ- the liver and kidney. In other words, if your gut flora is unbalanced, your liver has to work harder. Taking probiotics supplements can help rid of toxins out of your body that enters through the air, water, and from the foods you eat. Probiotics like lactobacillus help detoxify your body from heavy metals and prevent their absorption into the body.


How probiotics clean you out


Probiotics can have a significant positive impact on the intestinal tract. Your GI tract is where food is broken down and important nutrients are taken in. When your GI tract does not function properly, the rest of your body will be affected. Toxins that get stored in the body could end up in the liver and the intestine causing chronic illnesses like diabetes and cancer. This is why probiotics are so beneficial to incorporate into your diet.

  • Clean the liver

Your liver is the main organ for removing toxins. It also handles various nutrients and medicine. Your liver won’t have to work hard in removing toxins when there is balanced in the gut flora. The gut flora is the main detoxification area of your body and you can replenish the gut flora by taking probiotics.

  • Reducing heavy metals

Over time, heavy metals such as lead, mercury, arsenic, and cadmium can build up in the body. Some strain of beneficial bacteria has been proven to bind with these metals and flush them out.

  • Reducing the toxicity in some foods

Foods like wheat have a series of proteins that can’t be broken down by the body more efficiently due to a lack of an enzyme to digest them. When these proteins enter the bloodstream, they can cause a wide variety of health issues. Good thing that some strains of bacteria can break these glutinous proteins and lower their toxicity.

  • Removing candida yeast

The good bacteria in your gut crowd out harmful candida yeast. Taking probiotics supplements increases the number of these good bacteria and boost your immune system so it can fight the growth of candida yeast.

  • Enhance BPA excretion

A certain strain of probiotics enhances BPA excretion so it won’t cause any build-up nor cause harmful health effects. BPA is a chemical added to many commercial products including hygiene products and food containers. This toxic chemical is linked to causing various health problems.


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