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Probiotics for Weight Loss

Are they effective for weight loss?

YES. Probiotics are linked to an array of health benefits including, weight loss. Probiotics- sold as supplements, foods, and drinks are natural weight loss aid.


Probiotic supplements are among the most popular supplements in the market today. These supplements are made from a live microorganism that may help keep the intestinal flora balanced. They also help promote a healthy body by boosting immune and digestive functions. By consuming these live beneficial microorganisms, you can correct the bacterial imbalances thought to contribute to weight gain.


Gut bacteria, and how it affects the body weight


Trillions of bacteria live in the gut, some of which are beneficial while some can be potentially harmful. Most of these bacteria are beneficial. They help the body in a lot of ways. They produce important nutrients needed by the body. Besides helping digest fiber, the probiotics inside the gut make short-chain fatty acids as well.

Healthy people have a highly diverse microbial population. Gut diversity is critical as it helps our body respond effectively against pathogens. People who are obese and overweight have less diverse gut bacteria than healthy people. Additionally, obese people with less diverse gut bacteria gain weight faster than those who have more diverse gut bacteria.



How probiotics affect body weight?


  • Influences the appetite and energy usage

Probiotics are believed to increase satiety. Researchers believe certain probiotics may influence how satisfied you feel by affecting how your body reacts to the hormone leptin.

Leptin is a hormone produced in fat cells. Those who are obese are leptin resistant. They have unusually high levels of leptin. When you are leptin resistant, your body is fat, yet your brain can’t see it.

Research suggests that supplementing your diet with probiotics can help leptin signals reach your brain. This allows you to feel satiated after eating and eat fewer calories to better control your weight loss.

  • Increase fat elimination and lowers body fat percentage

Taking probiotic supplements can be beneficial, especially to those who want to lose weight and lose belly fat. Lactobacillus family in particular can help you do this while preventing the accumulation of excess fat even with excess food intake. One study found that L. fermentum or L. amylovorus strains can reduce body fat by 3% to 4% over 6 weeks of probiotic supplementation.

Many dieters also feel a great deal of relief when removing consumed fat from the body before it can do any damage. Probiotics are reported to cause a rise in the amount of dietary fat that is released through the feces.

  • Reduced body fat

Increasing the number of good bacteria in the gut may help reduce body fat. The good bacteria change the way your body uses foods for energy, allowing for increased use of existing fat stores for fuel.

  • Enhanced metabolism

Besides letting you lose body fats, probiotic supplements enhance your metabolism by helping your body function more effectively. Probiotics can change the way your body utilizes macronutrients for fuel. They help the body burn fat for fuel rather than protein stored in the muscles.

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