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Probiotics: As Daily Supplements

Probiotics are living forms of bacteria and yeast that may have various health benefits. They are often added to yogurts and are also taken as supplements. They are thought to help restore the natural balance in the gut microbiome when it is disrupted by illness or medication.


Some evidence shows that probiotics may be helpful in some cases, such as preventing diarrhea when taking antibiotics, and in reducing some symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). Studies also found out that these changes seem to be short-lived. In other words, you need to take probiotic supplements regularly for the effects to last. Once you stop taking them, your gut bacteria will likely go back to their pre-supplementation state over one to three weeks.


Is it safe to take probiotic supplements every day?


The majority of probiotics are classified as foods or natural supplements and not as medicines. This means they are safe and effective and you can use them to promote general health. For most people, probiotics are safe and are often recommended to take every day.


Fermented foods such as kimchi, kombucha, kefir, and sauerkrauts have been part of the traditional diets for generations. This means that people had consumed probiotics for generations. However, it is only recently that we can consume them in a convenient capsule form.


How often do people take probiotics?


Some people take probiotics regularly, while others take them on occasions or when they feel the need for a little support. Whichever way fits best into your daily or weekly routine, you should understand that many factors can negatively affect the probiotics in our bodies.


A daily intake of probiotics could be a good option for many people. You may think your gut flora is set once you have established good gut flora, but in reality, you need to nurture it on an ongoing basis due to factors like:


  • Poor lifestyle such as smoking, heavy drinking
  • Medications
  • Food preservatives
  • Chemicals
  • Over-consumption of sugar
  • Contraceptive pills
  • Stress


All these can harm the delicate intestinal flora and disrupt the balance between the good and bad bacteria. Therefore, it makes sense to say that the daily use of probiotics is a good healthy option for many people.  


Who takes probiotic supplements?


Probiotics work by balancing the levels of good and bad bacteria in the intestines. They also boost the body’s immune system. People commonly turn to probiotic supplements to manage digestive symptoms such as bloating, abdominal pain, and diarrhea.


Common mistakes when taking probiotic supplements


Here are some common pitfalls which can hinder you from getting the most from your probiotics:

  1. Not taking probiotics for long enough. If you choose to use probiotic supplements daily, do it at least for a month.
  2. Choosing the wrong probiotic strain for the symptoms you want to treat.
  3. Leaving probiotics out when they need refrigeration.
  4. When you don’t take a high enough dosage, this can happen for several reasons, such as, if your probiotic doesn’t have enough viable cultures or if you fail to follow the directions.

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