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Probiotic Supplements: What to Expect When You Start Taking Them

Today, the idea of taking probiotic supplements is becoming more and more popular as the many health benefits of these live organisms are better understood. Not so long ago, only a few people know the word probiotic and what it meant. In fact, the concept of ingesting bacteria may have sounded very strange.


Probiotics are well-known for their health benefits, but you might not be aware of what effects they may have when you start taking them, especially if it's your first time. So, if you’re considering trying probiotic supplements but aren’t sure what to expect, we’re here to help you and put your mind at ease.


What to expect when you start taking probiotic supplements?


Remember that our body is unique. Everyone is different, and no two people will have the same response to probiotics. Your health history and your gut health play an integral role in how you will respond to the new probiotic regimen.


  • Some people feel quite uncomfortable at first but some may not notice any changes at all. The good news is that the longer you take the probiotic supplements, the better your gut will adjust and you will feel much better. Your gut microbiome will thrive, as time goes on, and you will experience fewer and fewer side effects.
  • Some may feel great right away- a bright outlook, lots of energy, glowing skin, or just a comfortable stomach. Others, however, might feel worst at first, but this fades away after a short time.
  • When you introduce good bacteria into your gut, it quickly multiplies and crowds out the ones you don’t need. However, as part of the process, these dying strains can sometimes release toxins. Your immune system then cleans up the mess and detoxes your body, thus, you may have temporary discomfort such as bloating and gas. Expect other digestive issues such as slowed bowel discomfort and more gas than usual. You may also experience minor aches and even skin irritations. All these are long-term health benefits that your body needs some time to adjust to.
  • If you are not feeling better right after starting on probiotics, don’t worry. Not seeing any results right away doesn’t mean they’re not working. Probiotics are like vitamins that take some time to build up in the body. It may take anywhere from two weeks to months for them to gain momentum in your gut.
  • All symptoms resulting from the cleansing process are signs that your probiotic supplements are working just as they should. So, any discomforts that you are feeling will fade away within a couple of days and you’ll be on your way to your healthiest days ever.
  • To speed the process up, drink plenty of water throughout the day. Keeping yourself hydrated will help flush out the toxins from your body. If, for example, you’re still finding your dose too intense, cut back on the amount you’re taking and ramp-up to your desired dose slowly. If you are using the time-release tablet form of probiotic, break them into half and reduce your dose for a few days.

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